About Us

Sub-Zero Sound is a collaboration between Melbourne based audio engineers Matt Schenkel and Dan Penpraze. 
We take game audio seriously, and can take care of the sound in your project from beginning to end. 
Services we provide include concept/demo work, SFX creation, sound editing, implementation, music production, & testing!

We're always looking for more interesting projects to take on, whether it's a game, film, animation, or something else entirely! 
Drop us a line through the Contact page.

Matt Schenkel

Matt Schenkel is a Sound Designer, Musician, and Programmer with a passion for video games. Matt is all about the process of crafting and implementing immersive audio in games, and is always learning new tools and methods of accomplishing this.

Matt also plays a sort of Producer role at Sub-Zero Sound, which includes but is not limited to liaising with developers, managing priorities/deadlines, marketing, etc.

Matt graduated from SAE QANTM in 2015 with a degree in Audio Production, and has since then been freelancing within Melbourne's indie game and film communities.

Matt Schenkel @ Sub-Zero Sound

Dan Penpraze

Dan Penpraze is a Melbourne based Audio Engineer & Sound Designer. Dan has an ear for detail, and specializes in creating multi-layered, rich sounding effects that have an emotional impact on the listener.

Dan has experience with game design which aids him in the implementation process.

Dan graduated from SAE QANTM in 2015 with a degree in Audio Engineering, with a focus on post-production for games & film.

Dan Penpraze @ Sub-Zero Sound