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Nom Nom Apocalypse Release Date Trailer

posted Jan 15, 2020, 6:56 PM by Matt Schenkel   [ updated Jan 15, 2020, 6:59 PM ]
Fun news! Our friends over at Deadleaf Games have just dropped a killer trailer announcing the release date for their top-down roguelite Nom Nom Apocalypse!

Nom Nom Apocalypse is a top down shooter roguelite set in a post-apocalyptic city plagued by mutant food monstrosities. Shoot! dodge and OUTLAST the plague of greasy beasts and candy creatures that lurk around every unknown corner.

We had the pleasure of designing some sound effects for the cinematic parts of this trailer, as well as giving it an overall mix.

This trailer wouldn't be as epic as it is without the amazing music by Monster Mansion. Jacob's music makes this game feel just like a monster flick from yesteryear.

We worked with Trave of Atomizer Games as he stitched this trailer together.

Get ready to join the food fight on Feb 13 by wishlisting Nom Nom Apocalypse on Steam