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Shape Arcade

posted May 11, 2020, 3:19 AM by Matt Schenkel   [ updated May 11, 2020, 3:24 AM ]
It's been some time since we've given you an update.

In the lead-up to GDC in March, we were working with Campervan Games on a vertical slice of their upcoming title, Shape Arcade.

"Shape Arcade is a neon-infused love letter to the early arcade era with ease of use and accessibility in mind. Built inside a custom tabletop arcade cabinet that reacts to how you play! Using two dials, players match falling shapes in progressively more difficult levels. Can you match the most?"

Watch the brand-new trailer below

Leading up to a playable demo at GDC in March this year, we created a dynamic audio system that reacts to the player's performance and progress. This system makes the game incredibly replayable. You'll never hear the same version of the game twice!

Shape Arcade is a game that wants to be played loud. The better you do in a game, the more intense the music and sound get. We love the feeling when you're doing really well and the whole soundtrack is pumping. Shape Arcade is a game that's easy to pick up but not so easy to master. We want the soundtrack to empower you when you're playing.

Of course, the key to a stellar soundtrack is music from talented musicians. We've been working with Monster Mansion and Aaron C Edwards to bring this demo of Shape Arcade to life.

A brand new Shape Arcade cabinet was scheduled to be playable at GDC 2020. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for news about the next event that Shape Arcade will be at.

Shape Arcade will ultimately be coming to mobile.
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