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Sub-Zero Sound Takes Over gamescom!

posted Aug 19, 2019, 4:38 AM by Matt Schenkel   [ updated Aug 20, 2019, 9:01 PM ]
Now that I have your attention... 

Sub-Zero Sound are not physically at gamescom, nor are we taking it over by any stretch of the imagination. We are, however, happy to say that some of our audio content can be heard there, thanks to a few talented Aussie developers that will be showing off their games at the event in Cologne this week! If you're at gamescom, make your way to Hall 10.2 to see and play some of these amazing games, and hear what we have been up to lately.

You’re roaring an 80s muscle car down the interstate when you see someone snatched by something dreadful in the darkness. You save them, but they pull a gun and steal your car. You walk to a diner. At least the toilet still works, but, as night falls, noises in the darkness outside scare the crap out of you anyway. The door crashes open and something unseen slides in and you’re cornered. Now there’s a woman with a baseball bat beating the things over the head. Guess you can trust her. For now.

You may have read about this in our recent post, but over the last few months we have been working with Team Fanclub on their gorgeous title Dead Static Drive

Dead Static Drive will be at gamescom as part of the Indie Arena Booth during the event! We have had the pleasure of working with Trevor Dikes (Armello, The Forest, The Banner Saga) on this title, and we are thrilled with how it is sounding so far!

If you get a chance to play the build that's on show, take a moment to stop and listen. There is a living, breathing world that opens up to you in Dead Static Drive, if you allow yourself to be pulled into it. We've had the opportunity to contribute a diverse range of sonic touches, from subtle ambiences to eldritch-inspired monster sounds. All these details come together in the world of the game to tell you that something is very off.

Elden is a medieval eldritch fantasy game, focusing on storytelling through non-traditional indirect methods -- like reading a book in a language you don't understand, but with pictures.

We've been working with Onerat Games for some time now as this Melbourne-based developer puts together their debut title in the form of a retro-inspired medieval RPG. Elden: PotF is full of classic Lovecraftian cosmic horror themes, 8/16-bit visuals, and a dense, brooding soundtrack. It is not one to miss.

We connected with the Onerat Games lead early on during the game's development, and have seen it grow over the last few years. Shortly after they signed up with publisher Another Indie, we had the pleasure of editing & mixing the sound for the Announcement Trailer. You can also hear some of our work scattered around the world in Elden during gameplay. This is another deeply fleshed-out title that draws you in and is best experienced with headphones. On the loud expo floor, you'll want to give yourself the chance to sink into this, and go a little mad in the process...

Elden: PotF is at gamescom thanks to Utomik. You can check out Elden, as well as the 9 other games in their Day One Indie showcase at the Indie Arena Booth in Hall 10.2.
You can read more about our work with Onerat Games and Elden in our post here
GDAA Australia Pavilion
"The Australia Pavilion is located in the Indie Arena Booth this year, if you’re coming to gamescom and would like to visit, the location is Hall 10.2, booth number 031G."

The Australian Pavilion illustration by Lachlan Page

In addition to having our work being shown on the gamescom floor, we will also have some presence at The Australian Pavilion, which is being run by the Game Developers' Association of Australia (GDAA).

Recently, we joined as an official member of the GDAA, who do some awesome work for the Australian games industry. In addition to their work on home soil, they are also representing their members at gamescom at The Australian Pavilion. The Australian Pavilion is here to introduce our small but strong industry to the world, who may not be familiar with us yet. We're incredibly excited to be a part of the collection of talented local studios and individuals who will be represented here with us. You can read more about us joining the GDAA in our post here.

If you're at gamescom, make sure to check out the other awesome Aussie (and international) indies who will be showing off their games at the Indie Arena Booth this year!