Our Work

We've been crafting sound for games since 2016, and in that time we've had the pleasure of working with some incredibly talented studios and developers.

As is the nature of any ambitious game or film, many of our projects are collaborative efforts. Please take a moment to read the notes accompanying each project as we've detailed exactly what sounds and/or audio systems are designed by us.

Sub-Zero Sound 2019 Showreel. Learn more about these featured projects here:

Train Conductor World

Train Conductor World - Master the Chaos!
Sound Design 
Audio Implementation

We've been working with The Voxel Agents, Aussie legends behind The Gardens Between and Puzzle Retreat, to refresh their already popular mobile game Train Conductor World!

Train Conductor World is a colourful mobile game that's packed full of charm.

The Voxel Agents have just released a big update to this game, with new gameplay and Quality of Life features, as well as some new sounds from us! 

We've enjoyed jumping into their project and seeing how their existing audio is set up, as well as implementing our own, of course.

If you're already a fan of Train Conductor World, then you're going to love Version 18.0 and beyond with its new features and audio. Now is the perfect time to get stuck into this game once more to enjoy all its bells and whistles!

Download and play Train Conductor World for free on Google Play and the App Store


Elden: Path of the Forgotten - Director's Cut

Sound Design 
Audio Implementation
(2019 - 2021)

In addition to providing some SFX for Elden: Path of the Forgotten, we had the pleasure of editing and mixing the trailer and cutscene audio.

We've been working with Onerat Games for some time now as this Melbourne-based developer puts together their debut title in the form of a retro-inspired medieval RPG. Elden: PotF is full of classic Lovecraftian cosmic horror themes, 16-bit visuals, and a dense, brooding soundtrack. It is not one to miss.

In addition to putting the final sonic touches on the trailers and cutscenes, you can also hear our work scattered around the world in Elden during gameplay. This is another deeply fleshed-out title that draws you in and is best experienced with headphones.

In 2021, a large update to Elden went live, featuring even more of our SFX. You can find Elden: Path of the Forgotten - Director's Cut on Steam or on the Nintendo Switch store!

Director's Cut Audio Features:
Improved audio cue system
Updated Weapon sounds
Critical Attack sounds
New weapon - Ahrala's Daggers
New weapon - Farmer's Scythe
New weapon - Curse of the Ancients
New enemy - The Lurker
+ New abilities - Rocky Isle Boss
+ Merchant NPC & Item Trading
Trapped Explosive
Burn & Shock Effects
Chain Lightning
Rune Items
Cooldown + Time Slow Items
Updated footstep audio system
+ Updated environmental sounds

Elden: Path of the Forgotten - Director's Cut


Shape Arcade

Sound Design 
Audio Implementation

Leading up to a playable demo in 2020, we created a dynamic audio system that reacts to the player's performance and progress. This system makes the game incredibly replayable. You'll never hear the same version of the game twice!

Shape Arcade is a game that wants to be played loud. The better you do in a game, the more intense the music and sound get. We love the feeling when you're doing really well and the whole soundtrack is pumping. Shape Arcade is a game that's easy to pick up but not so easy to master. We want the soundtrack to empower you when you're playing. Of course, the key to a stellar soundtrack is music from talented musicians. We've been working with Monster Mansion and Aaron C Edwards to bring this demo of Shape Arcade to life.

Shape Arcade will ultimately be coming to mobile.
More info on shapearcade.com

Chroma Shift

Chroma Shift Story Trailer

Sound Design 
Audio Implementation
VO Direction
(2016 - 2018)



Sound Design, Music, VO
(Feb 2019)

Video is unlisted but posted with permission.

Game Jam Games

Multiple Game Jam Projects

We have participated in a number of small game jam projects, bringing them to life with custom sound.

Find more info, as well as links to download these titles in the posts below.

Torque Burnout

Editing & Mixing car SFX post-release (2016)

Download Torque Burnout on iOS & Android

The Music Room

    Prototyping & system testing (2016)

    The Music Room is out now! Check it out at their site here