We Bring Games to Life with Exciting Sound

We are a team of technical sound designers who specialise in crafting impactful gaming experiences. Our audio is designed to bring interactive experiences to life, and immerse the player in the world of the game, whether they're playing at home or on a loud expo floor.

Have you ever been blown away by a great-sounding game? Alternatively, have you ever been bored by a game that hasn't excited all of your senses? If so, then you understand the power that sound has over gaming experiences, and how expertly crafted and implemented audio makes a big difference.

We work to ensure that all components of the game's soundtrack are working in harmony and are ultimately delivering a memorable experience to the player, whether they're playing for the first time or the hundredth time.

We bring Sound to your vision

If you're developing a video game, trailer, animation, or creating something else entirely, we can take care of the sound in your project from beginning to end. 

No matter what stage of production you're at, we can bring your project to life with bespoke audio. We can develop a roadmap, provide concept/demo audio, sound effects, sound editing, implementation, music production, professional voice over, consultation, testing, and more!

We can scale to accommodate a project of any size. So whether you're creating a large open-world game, a short experience, or anything in-between, we want to hear about it!

We're always looking for more interesting games to bring to life with custom audio, as we believe that handcrafted sound and music can enhance any project. Chatting with us is obligation-free, so what are you waiting for?

We've Worked With Talented Studios

We're Invested In The Australian Games Industry

We believe in supporting the community that supports us. Sub-Zero Sound is a proud member of the IGEA.

Who Is Sub Zero Sound?

Sub-Zero Sound is a Melbourne-based game-audio studio run by Matt Schenkel and Dan Penpraze. We established Sub-Zero Sound in 2016 as a means of collaborating with talented studios and developers in the Australian games industry and beyond.

Matt Schenkel

Matt Schenkel is a sound designer and musician with a background in the world of hi-fi / home theatre. With his knowledge and experience in how game soundtracks ultimately get consumed, Matt enjoys crafting audio that sounds as good in the headphones or in the lounge room as it does in the studio.

A passion for dynamic audio systems in games is what drives Matt, and for this reason he enjoys tinkering with new methods of keeping games sounding interesting even after hundreds of hours of gameplay. 

Matt plays guitar and bass, and performs in Melbourne thrash metal band, WEREWOLF.

Matt graduated from SAE QANTM with a degree in Audio Production, and since then has been creating custom sound and music in Melbourne's indie game and film communities.

Dan Penpraze

Dan Penpraze is a Melbourne based audio engineer & sound designer with close to a decade in the wider gaming industry. With his wealth of knowledge, Dan understands what drives emotional investment in games, and knows how to deliver gripping moments to players in the form of expertly crafted and implemented audio.

Dan has a sharp ear for detail, and specializes in creating multi-layered, rich sound effects that will resonate with the listener.

Dan is a drummer with a background playing in the Mornington Peninsula metal music scene.

Dan graduated from SAE QANTM with a degree in Audio Engineering, with a focus on post-production for games & film.